Get your raffle prizes here

Less than 3 weeks to go until our 2nd December party extravaganza and we’re collecting prizes like it’s going out of fashion! The latest of which is a Nintendo DS donated by my sister Paula and her husband John (thanks guys). We also have a hand full of meals for two along with quest passes for Virgin Active, a 30 minute massage from St Pancras Physiotherapy and Pilates Clinic and dance lessons from Swing Patrol – definitely worth turning up for.

Our total is now £1695 so we’re inching towards our second thousand already, brilliant!

We’ve still got a long way to go but this is a fantastic start. Plans are under way for more events in Aberdeen, Peterhead and London so please register your email address if you want a weekly update of what’s going on near you. I hear rumours of a Ceilidh happening up north but nothing confirmed yet. Down in the big smoke, we’re planning a Tea Dance for February, more details to follow…

Big thank you to Barbara who has already started harassing everyone in her office (apologies but as Father Mark says “that’s how things get done”). Here is her idea for an alternative to Christmas cards:

BUY a BRICK. What you need to do is stick a drawing of a wall or house up in your office and ask everyone to buy a BRICK from it instead of handing out xmas cards this year. write in the brick how much was donated and the person’s name and any messages. Then the money goes to Janie’s School and we have all done a good deed. Eco friendly too. Good Luck guys xxx

In the meantime, I’ll be polishing my cookie cutters for a bit of bake sale action at the Guardian office so if you’re around let me help you add a bit of winter insulation ;O)


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