The birthday gift that keeps on giving

As a teenager, we used to spend at least a week celebrating every birthday… think I’ve been channeling that enthusiasm this month. We started with our fund raiser on the 2nd December followed by the Henderson Massive invasion of London yesterday (thanks again, Bodeans was brilliant!) and we’ll be continuing with a visit from the Dad this week.

Despite the cold and snow, loads of friends and family gathered to help raise a glass to the official launch of Janie’s School. Our raffle, which was put together from generous donations from local businesses, along with our message boards (see above) raised over £400. This along with new donations takes our total to £3107!

In other news, I was introduced this week to a blog from an amazing girl called Katy who is volunteering with AFESIP Cambodia with the aim of fighting human trafficking. Please take a look at her journey so far, it makes for an interesting and inspirational read.

It’s stories like Katy’s that remind me how important it is for us to do what we can to fight injustice. By contributing to our school, you will also be directly helping to improve the lives of children and families born into poverty. The gift of education is priceless and never stops rewarding the individual and society.

The New Year will see a series of new events to get involved with, the first of which being Burns Night. I’ll shortly be posting packs which will include invitations, menus, Burns poems and more for you to run a Burns Night fund raiser of your own. Your party could be as small as having a couple of people over for dinner or as big as you can make it, either way you’ll be helping us to get nearer to our £25,000 target.

For those of you who like more country dancing in your fund raising, my friend Emma has arranged a Ceilidh on 4th March 2011 at the Old Mill Inn, Maryculter. Tickets will be on sale from January so watch this space for more details.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this video about Bernard Kusher, the founder of American Assistance for Cambodia. I hope it helps to give you a background to the charity’s work, reminding us why projects like ours are so important.

2 thoughts on “The birthday gift that keeps on giving

  1. Hi Jennifer
    You’re a star! Keep up the good work. Will forward this message to school prefects to keep them in the picture.
    Merry Christmas!

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