Look how far we’ve come!

Only one more sleep until the Janie’s School Buttery Morning at The Palace Hotel, Peterhead. Doors open 10am so please get there early for the best cakes!

I know a number of ladies who have been baking all week (and still are… I’m thinking of you Emma) and have worked really hard to pull this event together. Thanks very much to you all and especially Eileen for organising. Eileen also wanted to thank Emma and her mum for all of their help – Emma, you are totally the unofficial campaign manager!

Among the stalls at the Buttery Morning, there will also be a Pampered Chef stall, run by Laura Riddell, a Pampered Chef consultant. Between 10 and 15% of all sales will be donated to Janie’s School. For more information on Pampered Chef please click here

Some of you may have already been involved in collecting recipes for the Janie’s School Recipes book. There will be copies on sale at the buttery morning for £4 with all proceeds going towards our school. If you’re not going to be there tomorrow but would still like a copy please let me or Emma know.

In other news, the lovely Lisa Rout (as she shall henceforth forever be known) raised £180 running the Edinburgh Half Marathon last weekend – I’ve seen the photos to prove it. Thank you so much for thinking of us and spreading the word to get more donations.

Watch this space for news of other fundraisers who are doing a combination of triathlon / surf to swim / summer dress up and many more adventures to raise money for our school. I’ll be happy to set up a JustGiving page for anyone who wants to join our team, just let me know.

I had an email from American Assistance for Cambodia this week thanking us for the money they have received so far. We are just waiting to transfer another £1000 and they will pick a spot for the school and start planning the build.

This is so exciting and to be this far on the week before my mum would have turned 60 is absolutely amazing. There are far too many people to thank for us getting this far, and there will be many more to thank along the way. I know mum would have been really touched by the whole thing (and massively horrified at the fuss). For Paula, Dad and me it means the world to remember her the way we knew her, as someone who did things for other people. I truly can’t wait for the day when we open the school doors to children in Cambodia and watch them begin their learning journey, all because we want to remember an amazing woman who touched our lives so much in too short a time.

So, with that in mind, please support the Buttery morning tomorrow and let us know if you would like to get involved with future projects.

5 thoughts on “Look how far we’ve come!

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    • Thanks Leslie. What started off as a pie in the sky idea really seems to be taking off and we’re totally on track to reach our target by Dec!

      I can’t wait to see all the children (especially the girls) on their first day of school :O)

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