Holy Giant Cheque Batman!

donation from St Fergus Primary School

A big thank you to last terms P6/7 from St Fergus Primary School who raised a huge £642 for Janie’s School through a combination of sponsored walk and selling gifts made from shells they found on the beach. Thank you so much for taking the time to raise so much money for us, we really appreciate it!

Paula accepting the cheque on behalf of Janie's School

Another big thank you goes out to the Guardian’s Baking Brigade!

Guardian Bake Sale

(no Julian didn’t do any baking – he’s strictly there for consumption and quality control…)

The sale raised a huge £240 for both Janie’s School and East Africa Appeal. You can always rely on Guardian employees to enjoy a good cake!

Emma, our unofficial campaign manager, has been going great guns selling Janie’s School Recipe Books and has managed to raise another £84 from their sale. Thank you again Emma and if anyone would like a copy, please do get in touch (jennifer@livefreerange.com)

Watch this space for more on Spree books, Gleneagles Golf Prize and Prize Bingo news!

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