I dare you to look at a girl and see the solution

Some of you may watch this video and some of you won’t but all of you should know that there is something exciting going on in the developing world and it’s this – The Girl Effect.

Don’t stop reading if you’re not a girl, the road to a better future is paved with girls and boys but here is the issue – in the developing world there is a bias against girls. This is not a surprise, it’s been known for many, many years. There is much publicity given to the plight of women, not just in the developing world but right here in the UK (and indeed the US) where women are trafficked from other countries to serve the needs of criminals.

This post is part of a week long campaign to raise awareness of The Girl Effect and how investing in girls will have a huge impact on the worlds problems.

I’m not going to spend any more time on the problems so let’s have a look at the solutions:

Still not convinced this has anything to do with you? Take a quick squiz at this questionnaire.

It’s knowing that even today girls can be as easily sold into slavery as educated that makes me determined to build Janie’s School. I’m taking the anger and frustration and channeling it into making a change and the chances are that if you’re reading this blog you are already helping me make that change (and for that I thank you very, very much).

So donate to actions that you know will have a positive impact on the world, stand up when you see injustice, sign petitions for causes you believe in and most of all – SPREAD THE WORD!

This is our world and our problem so I dare you to look at the girls in the video and see a solution.

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5 thoughts on “I dare you to look at a girl and see the solution

  1. What a wonderful thing you are doing in building a school! I wish you nothing but the courage, strength, and drive you’ll need to see it through. Also, the slavery footprint questionnaire is striking. It just shows how much room there is for change. Thank you for your post.

  2. Though-provoking on many levels. I had no idea that I had 29 slaves working for me. In this globally connected world we live in, we take so many things for granted and ignore so many problems and issues. It is up to us to become more educated and to continue to fight against injustices.

    Thank you for this wonderful post, and all the best with Janie’s School. I see Hope Worldwide is doing good work in areas that need it, including Nepal (my mother country). I made a small donation, which I hope will go in some small way towards their great cause.

    – Bibhuti

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