Sex & Mugs & Rock & Roll

Let’s end this year with a bang!!!!

Sex & Mugs & Rock & Roll

While the fundraising and support of Janie’s School is going to continue long after this year, I can’t help but feel these past months have been exceptional and definitely worthy of celebration. Q the lovely High Tea Cast ladies!

When Sam and Lea asked me if I would mind them using their launch event as a fund raiser for Janie’s School you can guess my response (it was yes, in case you missed the flyer above…). What a lovely thing to offer and what a brilliant line up! So what are you doing on the 26th November? Don’t know why I’m asking – you’re coming to our party!!!!! Pop along to Archangel’s website to get your tickets now. I said NOW!

And the kindness just continues… not only have we been donating a whole fund raising event but we’ve had someone’s pay rise (you know who you are and your scarf is mid knit as we speak), some truly AMAZOID auction prizes (watch this space if you have a penchent for Whisky and bespoke millinery – not necessarily together) and never ending offers of support.

Can’t tell you how glad I am to be living with the kindness of strangers and friends alike.

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