Janie’s School: In Celebration of Janie Evans 03.06.51 to 05.11.09

It may have been two years ago today that mum died, but it was less than one year ago that we started fund raising for Janie’s School and look where we are.

Our total is now around £17,000 and I’ve had it confirmed from American Assistance for Cambodia that we have a building in Bakan District, Pursat Province which is 196km from Phnom Penh. We’re very much looking forward to the naming ceremony in February where we’ll be able to pass on to the pupils all the stories that have led to them having a school (so yes, you’ll all be there too).

We still have a long way to go to reach £25,000 to cover all of the expenses of the school and will need to raise around £5000 per year to support teachers and pupils long term. However, from a crazy idea to having a school which is planning it’s first intake of 452 pupils in such a short space of time is a truly epic achievement for everyone involved.

We would like to stop for a moment and thank everyone who has supported the Janie’s School Campaign so far. Yes, it’s just the beginning but what a beginning! They say that it’s not the destination but the journey that counts and so far this has been a pretty amazing ride. Having a school is just the start, as a wise woman used to say “education is for life”. So please stay with us on this journey and watch as both the big and small things that we do have a life changing impact on the pupils and wider community of The Janie Evans School.

Mum died 2 years ago today and as i write this to you, my heart breaks that she’s not here to see what she’s achieved. I know that Dad and Paula, like me, have been totally overwhelmed by everyone’s support. What may have seemed like something simple at the time like making a donation or getting involved in an event has meant us being able to truly celebrate mum’s life and create a lasting legacy for us to show her grandchildren. Mum may only have known Isla for a short time but I imagine that one day she’s going to think “wow, my Grandma must have been pretty special for everyone to do this for her” and she would be right.

2 thoughts on “Janie’s School: In Celebration of Janie Evans 03.06.51 to 05.11.09

  1. Well Done Jennifer, your mum would be so overwhelmed and proud of what you have achieved xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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