It takes a village

This video is a thank you message I recorded for the Facebook Group “Peterhead when you were a kid“. It’s a really vibrant community group which shares pictures, memories and ideas for regeneration. It’s a wonderful celebration of what we love about Peterhead and it inspired me to share why I loved growing up there and why I am grateful for the support of the Peterhead community today.

This video may be aimed at friends old and new from Peterhead who have supported us throughout this year (not just with fund raising) but the achievement is not only theirs. There are people far and wide, friends and strangers who have played a big part in getting us to this point. People like Sam Sparrow and Lea Rice, Jonathan Emmans, Lisa Rout, Chris Howells, Jana Skene and Barbara Henderson to name but a few. It’s been lovely to find that the community spirit that I first experienced back home has followed me to London and even across networks like Twitter and Facebook.

If you don’t have time to watch the video (or just can’t understand a word of it!), let me update you on where we are:

Janie’s school now sits 190km from Phnom Penh, has 453 students enrolled and 9 teachers providing education and a future for children right now! To date we have raised a staggering £21,198.75 and with Emma Rothwell still selling Recipe books, Chris Watt donating a percentage of sales from his book Peer Pressure and Ashley Boyes running a 10K for us in May, that number will only keep on growing.

So far we have raised enough to build the school, provide solar panels for energy, three computers and a computer teacher. We are committed to supporting the school long term to provide more resources and help them also develop an area of land to grow food for school dinners so this is very much just the beginning.

As you can see the school is in a very rural area but we hope to get out to visit soon and look forward to sharing pictures and stories with you from the children for whom you have helped provide a future.

Thank you 🙂

Message of thanks from the video

I would like to thank a few people for their support. Emma Rothwell for being a total superhero, The Co-op Quines for their fund raising and friendship, St Mary’s Church for their community spirit and support, The Focus Girls (who knew eating Curry could raise so much pennies!?), The Albert Hotel for their boxing day donations, St Fergus Primary school for being such good beach combers, Ewen Cameron for making fancy dress profitable (and for making us an international news story…. well, kind of), Scott Taylor for enthusiastically throwing himself into the City to Surf (rather you than me!) and to each and every person from Peterhead who supported all of the fund raising events this year. Thanks also to Dad and Paula for not thinking I was crazy when I suggested the idea and to Simon who didn’t even blink and was on board almost before I was. Most of all, thanks to mum.

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